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a boutique consulting firm offering dedicated market entry services to a small number of private clients from Germany and the Middle East

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Who We Are

bondacon international business consultancy is a boutique consulting firm offering dedicated market entry services to a small number of private clients from Germany and the Middle East.

As a German company we offer our services primarily to German SMEs that want to gain a foothold in foreign markets. Our specialization clearly is the Middle East with several years of on-the-ground consulting experience on the Arabian Peninsula. We are further tapping into new markets, actively sourcing high-level business partners and local project managers. Connecting with local business developers and experts in many emerging and developing countries, we have direct access to business leaders, institutions, market information and qualified staff on the ground to conduct our client’s venture successfully.

Our second pillar is supporting foreign companies with their activities in Germany. Our broad range of business services ranges from providing market insight, connecting our clients with German suppliers and buyers, identifying business opportunities and investments and brokering contacts in real estate, to specialized lawyers and our consulting partners.

What We Do

We have helped a huge Saudi Arabian conglomerate finding new suppliers in Germany, we built ties with clients for our partners in the United Arab Emirates, organized a high-ranking official business delegation from Germany to Saudi Arabia, settled in Thailand to provide on the ground market entry services to our client in Germany, and researched information and new customers, clients and business contacts for our partners from several other countries, spanning geographically from the tip of Africa in the south over England in the northwest, and reaching Singapore in the east. Exploring the world for you is not merely a job, it’s our life.



    We organize and execute business delegations for institutions, associations and companies. Our regional focus has been the Middle East region, especially the Arabian Peninsula. In addition to our standing in the Arab Gulf region we built a network of partners in several countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Zambia, Ethiopia and Cyprus.


    We support you in exploring new markets and in setting up your distribution structure abroad. Our vast experience in finding partners for sales, production and purchasing is complemented by the knowledge how to act in different business environments, local networks and continuous engagement with the economic factors pertaining to the business environment in our focus markets. Moreover, our local partners provide us with infrastructure, intelligence and contacts to maximize our capabilities.


    The competitive and fast paced nature of the international business environment demands for flexibility and decisiveness. Our interim managers are your answer to sudden challenges. But also, on the middle and long run using our staff on the ground might be an alternative to sending your own people abroad. This can be in the preliminary stage of exploring market potentials, developing contacts or later to support staff already on the ground with urgent work. You can book our project managers for sharply defined projects such as developing a network in a certain sector, conducting research, organizing events or to reach a sales target.


    You want to thoroughly assess the potential of a new market, conduct a market research trip or directly start exporting? We support you at every step.


    Some of our staff have years of experience in conducting qualitative market research. We will send you our references and samples from publicly available studies that we have written if you wish to assess the quality of our work.


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Anton Bondarew

Founder & Managing Director

Anton Bondarew has several years of experience in B2B marketing, in project and event management and the organization and execution of business delegations for German Ministries. He used to work for the German Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia, where he led his department in writing market studies, and executing business delegations, business partner search, and other services. He set up his own business in April 2017, and since has been able to win and organize a big official business for a German Ministry to Saudi Arabia. All in all, he spent four years living and working on the Arabian Peninsula. Further professional assignments brought him to Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, and Thailand. His native tongue is German, and he fluently speaks English. As a scholar of Arabic, he is confident in speaking Modern Standard Arabic, and he can understand and read Russian, and currently learns Thai.

Recent News


EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Arabia seeks firms for railway services

Public Transport Authority invites railway services companies to submit prequalification documents by 19 January

Saudi Arabia’s Public Transport Authority (PTA) has invited firms to express interest and respond to a prequalification questionnaire (PQQ) by 19 January for the contract to provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services for the kingdom’s mainline railway networks.

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